Gamma chapter is proud to be the longest standing Alpha Kappa Lambda chapter in the country, building Men of Character since 1921. For years, the men of Gamma have not only learned these five ideals: Judeo-Christian principles, leadership, scholarship, loyalty and self-support, but have made them a discipline in their daily lives.

    This is a landmark time for our brotherhood
    We are in the midst of rejuvenating the fraternity, improving our facilities and revisiting the ideals our chapter is built upon. This effort to assemble a New Gamma has garnered support from brothers of all eras. As the brotherhood reunites, it is time to inspire a new generation of Gamma men to carry on the tradition of our ideals and lead lives of character.

    Based on our proud traditions, the New Gamma will be a shared commitment which stresses:


    • Leadership: brothers boldly stepping forward in unity;
    • Character: with a steadfast belief in the values that bind us together;
    • Service: a commitment to serving our fraternity, the university and the world.


    Our AKΛ alumni have distinguished Gamma by living these values in a variety of outstanding careers. Among these professions include judges, entrepreneurs, leaders in the technology, finance, banking and industries, and other human service organizations. All of these men are contributing to the New Gamma because of their strong belief in its ideals.

  • Claim your share of our New Gamma Campaign and help Gamma raise $3,000,000 to ensure its future.


    Gamma Alumni have the opportunity to help ensure the success of the fraternity for years to come and maintain our legacy.
    As time goes on, it is easy to become detached from the fraternity and forget the responsibility the Alumni have to the Chapter House. We must remember the House is not only home to our legacy, but it is also our gathering place when we return for fall football weekends, Homecoming, mentoring trips, and reunions.


    For most brothers, the time spent living in the House teaches essential life skills such as time management, team-building, initiative, and leadership. These skills carry on in both our personal and professional life. The House provided you with a sense of family, a home away from home and was a catalyst for friendship and brotherhood. Now is the time to pay it forward!


    The House is in need of a complete renovation which retains the majesty of Gamma’s physical heritage as the most desirable home on campus. The implementation of modern design will aid in recruitment and retention of new members and will enable the House to remain competitive in the University of Illinois housing market. The New Gamma Campaign will make this a reality- one brick at a time, one brother at a time.


    It is time to unite to accomplish these four major goals of the New Gamma Campaign:

    • Implement a strategic plan based on data collected from a consensus-building summit as well as a comprehensive survey of Alumni and Students;
    • Develop and execute a transition plan that gives birth to a vibrant brotherhood, dedicated to achieving Gamma’s vision;
    • Engage 100% of the living Alumni in building the New Gamma;
    • Design a Chapter House which supports the development of the Actives as Men of Character, leaders in service and academics.