Housing FAQ's

  • Q: Is the New Gamma House part of 'Certified' housing for the University?

    Yes.  The New Gamma House meets or exceeds all requirements for Certified Housing at the University of Illinois.


    Q: Who is the landlord?

    The AKL Gamma Alumni Association is the landlord; a professional management company attends to maintenance issues.


    Q: Who makes the room and room-mate assignments?

    Room assignments are made based upon GPA and seniority, in cooperation with all Members in the House.


    Q: Does the rent include utilities?

    Water, electric, cable and internet are included in the rental fee.


    Q: Is there WiFi?

    The New Gamma House has wireless internet access throughout the property.


    Q: Is parking available?

    On-site parking is free and assigned on the basis of GPA and seniority.  There are more than 45 spaces on site.


    Q: Is the lease for the year or semester?  Will my son have to move out during University breaks?

    Leases are for 10 months and generally run similarly to the University calendar.  Your son will not have to 'move out', but for security reasons, access to rooms will be limited when classes are not in session.


    Q: Where are the nearest laundry facilities?

    Laundry facilities are located on every floor of the New Gamma House.


    Q: Are the rooms furnished as pictured on this web-site? 

    Rooms come fully furnished - 'move-in ready'. 


    Q: Does the House have heating and air-conditioning?

    Men will enjoy the benefits of central heat and air throughout the entirety of the House. 


    Q: Are there designated quiet times for study purposes?

    There are both designated study areas and quiet times at the House.  Academic excellence is a tenet of the New Gamma.  Quiet hours are 6pm-10pm, Sunday through Thursday.


    Q: Is there a meal plan associated with residing in the House?

    An important part of building brotherhood is sharing meals together.  The gourmet kitchen will be staffed by a contracted service.  There is a meal plan not only for the men who live in the House, but for affiliate members as well.  The lease for the school year includes meals and 24/7 access to a kitchen in the main study area.