Gamma Chapter Vision

  • AKL Gamma Alumni Association Vision


    AKL Gamma Chapter at the University of Illinois is experiencing a rebirth.  We call it “The New Gamma”.  


    A six million dollar investment at one of the finest fraternity locations on campus has resulted in a “Next Generation” fraternity preparing men for success on campus and in their future lives.  For generations at the University of Illinois we have built “Men of Character” and leaders who “Make a Difference” in our world.  We have always measured our success based upon academic, athletic and social/community performance of the men of AKΛ and their development as future leaders.  From our inception as a National Fraternity, we have shared our ideals as brothers.  We will be friends and brothers for life, living our ideals.


    • Judeo-Christian Principles for ethical living
    • Leadership development and teamwork
    • Scholarship and academic excellence
    • Loyalty to each other
    • Self-Support for self, family and community


    Excellence in Education


    In addition to the complete renovations of our House, the Alumni of AKΛ have committed resources and support to assist college members with experiences men need, both in and beyond the classroom.  We provide experiences and advising support a young man normally sees at small private colleges.  


    At Illinois, AKΛ Active and New Members realize the benefits of a large world-class university with the mentoring, guidance, and experiences needed to prepare for life after graduation.  This is done through a comprehensive approach to Chapter Programming, Advising, Mentoring, and a Chapter House designed for the development of well educated as well as well rounded Men of Character ready for future roles of leadership.


    Chapter Programming & Advisors


    Our Chapter programming for the men emphasizes our National ideals through the support of Alumni.  Most of our Alumni Advisors are working as Faculty and Staff at the University of Illinois or the community.  Each of them is involved professionally as an expert in our core areas of programming.


    Lead Chapter Advisor: TJ Blakeman, '00, City of Champaign, Urban Planner

    Leadership and Ethics: Steve Hall, '82, Professor, University of Illinois Business School

    Leadership Development: Chris Burley, '95, Director of Learning & Performance, Automatic Data Processing

    Career Planning: Jack Peirce, '85, CFO, University of Illinois Alumni Association

    Sports, Wellness and Community Service: Dave Bagger, '84, ssistant Director, University of Illinois Campus Recreation

    Scholarship and Academics: Gary Holaway, '67, Staff Director, Evans Scholars Foundation




    The House includes a suite for the Mentor in Residence; an on-site Resident Advisor (RA) for the men of AKL. The role of the RA is to ensure all Fraternity activities support our vision, the men’s individual goals and academic success.


    All AKΛ Active members play a large role in mentoring and leadership development of each New Member.  Each man is expected to formally mentor a new member and assist in transition to University and Fraternity life. Most of the men will take on leadership roles in the management of the Chapter programs.  As a Chapter President, Vice President or Program Chairman, the men learn leadership and teamwork in an environment which cannot be matched in dormitory or apartment living.


    Chapter House Design - ALL NEW LIVING SPACE


    The AKΛ Fraternity house itself is designed to support Chapter ideals and programming.



    • A 22,000 square foot facility located in the heart of campus with all new living space
    • Suite style living for 65 men and 9 dedicated study lounges 
    • Chief Illiniwek Scholarship Room; a dedicated classroom to support university classes, leadership training,  

           and career development programs

    • Health & Fitness room, combination basketball and volleyball court
    • A dedicated Assembly Room and Alumni Terrace for social and chapter wide events


    The Alumni Association Commitment


    All in all, we are organized to make the successful development of the men happen through a shared responsibility.


    • Supported by our Alumni
    • Guided by our Alumni Association
    • With important links to the University Faculty
    • Through shared experiences in a Fraternity House designed to give the men the best College experience in Urbana-Champaign and the University of Illinois