Gamma Chapter 2018 Campaign

  • For 96 years, our beloved Gamma Chapter has been a staple at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In that time, we have welcomed over 1,400 Brothers into our alumni circle – alumni who committed to living as men of character and who are dedicated to AKL’s five ideals.


    Ten years ago, we asked our Brothers to reinvest in a new Gamma; to be a model chapter for not only AKL, but to all fraternities on the campus of the University of Illinois. You stepped up in a major way. Your support allowed us to create a beautiful new chapter house that set the standard for fraternity living at U of I.
    Today, we are asking you to again invest in our Chapter in order to keep Gamma at the forefront of University of Illinois fraternity experiences for our students today, and beyond. With new tax laws, if you'd like to make a tax-deductible gift directly to the Gamma401 Foundation, please use the "Donate" button here:



    If the tax benefit doesn't apply to you, you can make a direct unrestricted and NON TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift to Gamma Alumni with the button below (always secure the advice of your tax advisor if you have questions about new tax laws and how they pertain to charitable giving):




    You can mail a check for either fund, made out either to Gamma401 Foundation OR Gamma Alumni of AKL, to:
    Gamma Chapter
    PO Box 70
    Spring Grove, IL 60081
    We have five priorities your gift will support:
    • Property taxes - This is our most urgent need. Champaign Township more than doubled our tax bill, unexpectedly, to $80,000 per year. This is a direct result of our assessed land value increasing 500% in just one year. As we go through an appeals process that could take several years (joined by other Champaign fraternities), this is a financial burden we can't pass along to our student families.
    • Upgraded kitchen equipment and increased food storage facilities – Previously, our chapter house kitchen was inspected by the University and held to the same standards as University food service. U of I has relinquished inspections to the Champaign County Health Department and our requirements are now the same as public restaurants. Meeting these requirements will be an expensive undertaking as we upgrade kitchen equipment and increase food storage space.
    • Paying down our debt service from the original renovation – We have paid off one-third of the loan on the house,  but the continued payments prevent us from having discretionary funds for future capital needs and unexpected expenses (like drastically increased taxes and unexpected kitchen equipment).
    • House Advisor - As many of you recall, Gamma leadership committed to having a house advisor living with the Chapter. This individual helps secure our original investment by providing general maintenance, mentorship, and a guiding presence.
    • Scholarships - In order to recruit and retain the very best students we can, Gamma has committed to a scholarship program to ease the financial burden of housing on campus.

    In order to be competitive with other housing options on campus, especially in light of our increased tax bill and mortgage, we need your support. This is our time to recommit to our Chapter, our Brothers and our Fraternity. We can make a difference.


    Please consider helping us with this campaign by clicking a donation option above. And as always, you make a tax-deductible gift online to the NATIONAL OFFICE OF ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA by clicking here - be sure to designate your gift for GAMMA!


    Our donor levels are as follows:


    LOS AMIGOS CLUB - $10,000+

    KLAXON CLUB - $5,000 - $9,999

    YELLOW ROSE CLUB - $2,500 - $4,999

    ILLINIWEK CLUB - $1,000 - $2,499

    PURPLE & GOLD CLUB - $500 - $999

    FOUNDERS CLUB - $250 - $499

    All gifts are welcome at the SUPPORTER level, too!