Fraternity FAQs

  • AKΛ at Illinois operates as a proven support network for your son as he embarks on this new period in life. Over 400,000 students across the country are currently members of the Greek system (the term "Greek" refers to both fraternities and sororities).  This portion of the web site is designed to answer some of the questions parents and prospective New Members may have about membership.



    Q: What are the benefits of my son joining AKL?

    As a member of AKΛ's Gamma Chapter, your son will be provided with the tools needed to be successful both in the classroom, and post-graduation.


    As a member of AKΛ your son will a have access to resources which encourage scholarship, leadership, and health and wellness. The New AKΛ features amenities not typically found in most fraternity houses such as spacious suite style living, a state-of-the-art workout facility designed by Cardinal Fitness, a basketball court, and in-house classrooms and study areas.


    Additionally, we are proud to offer in-house leadership and mentoring programs with members of our vast alumni network and members of the University of Illinois faculty. Undergraduates will also find guidance and support through the Mentor in Residence (Resident Advisor - R.A.).


    Q: Should I be concerned about the recruitment process?

    You can be confident in the AKΛ's recruitment process. Alpha Kappa Lambda is opposed to all hazing activities. When your son takes his first steps to becoming an AKΛ, he will engage in team building with Active Members and other prospective members.  Your son is referred to and recognized as a New Member of AKΛ from day one.  Additionally, your son will be participating in educational meetings to learn about AKΛ's history and house operations.


    Q: I want my son to succeed academically. Will his membership hinder those efforts? 

    Quite the opposite.  Alpha Kappa Lambda fully understands your son is attending the university for education and his good grades are as important to us as they are to you.  AKL provides recognition to those who excel and improve their academic standing.  AKL diligently trains its men for academic excellence and improved scholastic achievement. In addition to AKL's National grade point average requirement, the Gamma chapter has chosen a grade point average requirement which meets or exceeds this standard each member must maintain to be in good standing. Gamma also offers academic assistance for its members, providing study hall areas, peer tutoring and academic scholarships.*
    *Be sure to inquire about academic scholarships while your son is considering membership into AKL.


    Q: Will my son be introduced to leadership opportunities as an AKL?

    The men of Gamma have a solid history of leadership on campus, in the house, in their communities, and in their majors and professions. Undergraduate AKLs are presented with opportunities to serve as a chapter officer or committee chairman allowing them to apply their academic knowledge to real-world experiences.


    The brothers of Alpha Kappa Lambda are involved in many campus activities. A short sample includes some of the most well regarded student organizations on campus: Illinois Lacrosse, Mock Trial, Campus Honors Program, Atius-Sachem, Association for Computing Machinery, American Society of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Illini Meat Judging Team, International Illini, Reserve Officer Training Corps, Marching Illini, and Study Abroad. This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather an introduction into some of our interests and involvement.


    Q: Are fraternities and sororities like the ones shown in the movie "Animal House?"

    Although brothers may host social activities at the House on weekends, AKΛ has posted 'Quiet Hours', Monday through Thursday, 6pm-10pm.  There is a definite balance among all activities at the House, with an emphasis on academic and interpersonal EXCELLENCE!  


    Q: Should alcohol be a concern if my son joins a Greek organization?

    All fraternities and sororities have strict polices regulating the consumption of alcohol at social functions. All chapters are expected to uphold state, county and city laws, as well as each university's policy regarding the consumption of alcohol.  Each chapter of AKL conducts alcohol management programming to educate and instill standards and expectations for their members.  These risk management guidelines are set by AKL's national board of directors and must adhere to each university's student organization policy. Therefore, we highly encourage your son to ask this very question to each chapter he visits.  To demonstrate the fraternity's commitment to responsible behavior, all members of Alpha Kappa Lambda are expected to complete an online education program called "AlcoholEDU for College." AlcoholEDU for College is a Web-based alcohol prevention program that is recognized nationally for its effectiveness. The program uses the latest prevention techniques and science-based research to educate students about the impact of alcohol. 


    Q: Does Alpha Kappa Lambda engage in Intramural sports?

    Yes! Alpha Kappa Lambda encourages all men to participate in activities that strengthen their overall physical health and well being.  In addition to the in-house fitness facilities such as the gym and basketball court, AKΛ participates in campus team sports such as flag football, basketball and softball.