2nd Annual NCAA Pool


    2nd Annual NCAA Tournament Pool


    Last year we raised $1,000 for the Gamma Chapter Scholarship Fund and we're looking to do even better this year! 


    Rules are the same as last spring...$50 per entry, no limit to how many sheets you can do.  Pool isn't limited to AKL's, but be sure to tell your pledge class buddies about this.  Half of the entry money will go towards the Gamma Chapter Scholarship Fund, and the other half divided among two winners (three if we get a lot more entries).  Plus, the winner gets their name engraved on the Gamma Chapter NCAA Pool Championship Trophy!


    To enter, make your $50 gift at the Paypal link below (you do NOT need Paypal to do this...only a credit card is required).  Then follow the signup directions.



    1. Register as a user at http://www.poolhost.com

    When registering, you will choose a personal username and provide your e-mail address. When you click Join, PoolHost.com will send you an e-mail with a password to login to the site.

    2. Login to PoolHost.com with the username you chose and the password sent to you.

    3. Go to the 'Pool Tools' menu and choose 'Join a Private Pool'.

    4. Choose 'College Bracket Challenge'.

    5. To Join the pool you need to enter the Pool ID and Pool Password:

    Pool ID type: Gamma
    Pool Password type: AKLChief